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My Career Guidance

Serving the Youth, Serving the Nation

“My Career Guidance” is an organization established with a vision to provide students with quality education and an equal employment opportunity glossing over their caste, religion, and financial background.

Our services consist of a series of solutions every student looks for in almost all walks of life. Therefore, we build a system to start with identifying the area of interest, training & nurturing, providing the academic platform, and eventually presenting ample career opportunities.

Let’s Discover, What we have for you:

Career Counselling and Guidance

Choosing the right path is half the job done.

Career counseling helps discover the potential of the students and a perfect match based on their skills and talents. It is one of the most crucial processes and hence needs skills and experience to find the best for students.

Our Unique counseling process helps students to express themselves and discover the areas they excel. It includes face-to-face sessions with students, personality and aptitude tests, and other objective & subjective tools.

The entire process leads to the discovery of the interest and passion of the students that can transform their lives based on their skills and talent.

Courses and Admissions

Opting for the right course is the perfect start


Once the area of interest or a perfect fit is discovered, the next step is to enroll in the right course. It helps you master the know-how of your field and flourish in your career.

We help the students enroll in a suitable course among the thousands offered by various universities and institutions. We manage all the admission-related processes of the students to let them focus on their skill development.

The process includes the right course, right institution, admission process, online counseling process, and enrolment of the students.

Loans and Finance

Easy Loans for your academic goals


There might be a requirement to get the loan sanctioned for the education, but it turns out to be a cumbersome process for the students.

We help the students get loans from recognized banks based on their requirements. We manage the hard part to let our students feel at ease and seamlessly pursue their dreams.

Moreover, our team has expert advisers in case of student visas applying for studies in foreign countries. We smoothen your journey whenever you feel the heat.


Opportunity to fly high in the sky


Here comes the ultimate goal. The equal job opportunity for everyone. Our core and vision make it one of the most important aspects of our entire process.

Our professional team works day and night to find the best opportunities for the students and provide all means to change their dreams into reality.

We take care of everything, be it a career opportunity, training, or follow-up, and help you get a successful career and prosperous life.

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